GRAND monitoring G@A and GP13

Monitoring overview

The plots are interactive: there is a toolbox in the upper right corner with zoom/save options.
You can choose to show station(s) by double click on thier names in the legend, or hide a station(s) by single click on legend.
For more information about the pages and the data that is displayed please take a look at:

Current Status

Data for all DU's

Active du's Battery & Temp RMS values Trace & Freq
Data for each DU

DU 49 DU 58 DU 59 DU 60 DU 69 DU 70 DU 83 DU 84 DU 144 DU 151
DU 1010 DU 1013 DU 1016 DU 1017 DU 1019 DU 1020 DU 1021 DU 1029 DU 1031 DU 1032 DU 1033 DU 1035 DU 1041 DU 1076 DU 1085